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Somebody Dared out now

Dear friends, it is with great pleasure that we present to you the first single from our upcoming second album! Our hardened, stubbly, happy hearts are filled with gratitude to everyone involved! The song, as per tradition, was recorded and mixed by the giants Petar Bratanov (Pepinio records) and Vasko Raykov (Audioslot), and the video is the work of the talented Nikolay Kolev.

Somebody Dared is not just an energetic sneak peek of the album that's coming in a few short weeks, but also the first song that we're putting out in a long time. That's why this moment is so special to us - because (despite the global clusterf***k) we're officially opening the season with the promise of a very eventful spring! THANK YOU for your friendship, endless support, and especially - for your patience Stay healthy and gather your strength, this is just the beginning!

With all our love and gratitude, Hellion Stone

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