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She Tells Me To Be Good - New Video (With A Twist)

New video! She Tells Me To Be Good is one of the more cheerful songs on Scapegoat and the talented people at Brain Stock Footage House who we once again entrusted with the production, agreed that the video should reflect that. Like all other tracks from the album, the sound here is the work of music producers Petar Bratanov and Vasko Raykov, respectively from Pepinio Records and Audioslot. In other words, the usual suspects are totally guilty. 🎩

With this video, aside from making sure you guys get to headbang like crazy, it was especially important for us to inject you with at least a tiny bit of the mood that reigns on the stage when we play for you this song in particular. We hope we have succeeded - with the help of the talented individuals mentioned above and with that of countless more unknown soldiers who are always working behind the scenes like there's no tomorrow, making sure Hellion Stone is both listenable and watchable. We thank them and you for your unceasing support in these troubled times.

Without further ado - and without spoiling too much - enjoy.

P.S. Stick around till the very end - there's a twist :)

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