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For God's Sake (video premiere)

Friends, this is For God’s Sake! It is another sample (and the last one!) of our upcoming album, which we'll all be expecting in great suspense for just a few more weeks. The video is another work of art by the extraordinary people from Brain Stock Footage House, who once again made something out of nothing and left us speechless. We will use the few words we have left to thank everyone on the film crew for the great feat they performed, for their dedication and for the fact that it's always such a pleasure to work with them that we would do it all year round. We also warmly thank the star of the video - the great Stephanie Razsolkova (@tattstoner ⭐️), who showed enviable endurance and effortlessly entered the role despite all the natural elements trying to hinder her! 🙂 Insufficient gratitude goes to all friends and partners who selflessly joined the process and dedicated a lot of their valuable time to us. We are also grateful to Musicautor for the help they gave us. As always, thank YOU for patiently following the evolution of Hellion Stone and flooding us with the support and trust we strive to earn every day! Enjoy:

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